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Trevor Noah’s Daily Show Exit Was A Complete Surprise To The Crew


The whole ordeal sounds like it could’ve been somewhat painful for the blindsided crew of the series (“Do I look like I knew?” Jen Flanz recalls whispering to Zhubin Parang when he asked if she had a heads up), but Trevor Noah said he felt the need to tell everyone at once within the context of the space they’d built together. “This is where we create the thing,” Noah told THR. “[The show] is where we’re together, our space, and so for me, it felt like the most natural way to tell everybody at the same time.” He also says this was a way for everyone to hear it from him first, as opposed to through the workplace grapevine.

I’ll admit that this does seem like a pretty intense decision to me, especially given the fact that staff meetings also exist for the same purpose. But Noah’s departure will mark the third host transition Flanz has witnessed (the show originally started with Craig Kilborn before Jon Stewart’s tenure), and she says she was able to instill some confidence in shell-shocked crew members in a meeting after the show. “Trevor apologized to everybody,” Flanz says, adding, “I felt pretty confident saying, ‘We’re so lucky that we had Trevor for seven years, but this place is an institution.'”

While there’s no word yet on who will replace Noah as the host of the series that’s now in its 28th season, Comedy Central has announced when fans should expect his departure. December 8, 2022, will be Noah’s last episode as host of “The Daily Show,” followed by a hiatus until mid-January. In the meantime, you can catch episodes of the series on Comedy Central and Paramount+, with new episodes airing Monday through Thursday.

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