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Every Main Character In Band Of Brothers Ranked Worst To Best


“Band of Brothers” spawned some emerging filmmakers. Future director Dexter Fletcher has a regular role in the series as Staff Sgt. John Martin. Fletcher would later co-star in the Guy Ritchie films “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels” and “Layer Cake” before beginning his career as a director. He went on to direct the British crime thriller “Wild Bill,” the inspirational sports film “Eddie the Eagle,” and the masterful Elton John biopic “Rocketman.” There’s an earnestness and ingenuity in Fletcher’s films, so perhaps he learned a thing or two from working on one of the greatest HBO miniseries ever made.

Martin is a bit of a loner, but given his situation, that is certainly understandable. Martin recognizes that as a staff sergeant, he’s bound to be assigned grunt labor tasks, and he’s not particularly optimistic about being promoted. He eloquently explains the difference between being “wounded” and being “injured” in a conversation with Muck, Alex Penkala (Tim Matthews), Ken Webb (Jordan Frieda), and George Luz (Rick Gomez).

Although Martin mostly keeps to himself, he does share a few interesting interactions with Perconte. They have somewhat playful banter. Perconte tells Martin that “If you had any class or style like me, somebody might have mistaken you for somebody.” This shows that even an anti-social character like Martin needs a sparring partner. He could have used more screen time, so he ranks near the middle of the list.

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