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The Rings Of Power Is A Show Full Of Sexual Tension And No Kissing (Until Now)


That doesn’t mean sex doesn’t happen. It’s entirely possible, going by some of the things that Arondir and Bronwyn speak about, like how her touch is the kindest he’s known, do seem to imply that perhaps they had a relationship that was physical but decided not to continue it because of Middle-earth reasons. Elves live a very long time, and humans are a blip. It’s going to end badly, no matter what. 

There are theories that Theo (Tyroe Muhafidin) is Arondir’s son. His father isn’t around, and his hair is long, meaning we haven’t seen his ears. Even if he isn’t, Arondir clearly feels fatherly toward him. You’ll notice that the kiss between Arondir and Bronwyn happens after he mentions Theo as part of his plans after they win the fight. Even the previous discussion is about new life in defiance of death. They make speeches together. Everyone in town seems to know that they’re in love. 

It could be that the villagers just noticed the tension between them. The insane chemistry between Boniadi and Córdova is palpable, and I’m entirely sold on their romance. I want them to be together, despite the tragedy in store. I don’t need to see them hook up. We can see that on any other show. Sex is great (yay sex). It’s just that this is another thing altogether. It’s devotion and connection. It’s a deep love and concern for each other. It’s knowing that connection is there, despite their efforts to deny it. In a way, it’s less sexual than romantic tension, and I’m here for it. Whether they’ve been banging or not, this is way more compelling. I’m rooting for these crazy kids. 

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