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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Army Experience Came In Handy During Commando


During an oral history of “Commando,” Arnold Schwarzenegger told Empire why he felt somewhat at home while making the movie. “I was in the Austrian army and was a tank driver,” he said. “So, the action of ‘Commando’ wasn’t all new to me.” Though we didn’t get the pleasure of watching Schwarzenegger steamroll over the bad guys while driving a tank in the film, his past experience allowed for him to perform a lot of his own stunts. “I owe it to my fans to do the action myself, because it’s me they pay to see,” he explained. 

Schwarzenegger even pushed himself a little too far, as the film’s director, Mark L. Lester, recounted to Empire:

“Arnold insisted on doing almost all the stunts himself, because he said nobody could duplicate his body. Even when we were doing a close-up of Matrix jamming a knife into a sheath, he said, ‘My hand cannot be duplicated. It is one of a kind.’ When he did the shot, he cut his other hand with the knife and had to go to hospital.”

One thing about Schwarzenegger is that he’s going to find a way to get injured on set. He glowingly shared with Yahoo Entertainment the many times he suffered an injury while making a movie. Perhaps putting him in a tank wouldn’t have been a good idea.

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