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A Secret Bonus Episode Of The Sandman Is Now Streaming On Netflix


When compared to the other arcs in the mainline “Sandman” comic series, “Dream Country” is a bit of a misnomer. Instead of telling a somewhat cohesive plot, each issue of the arc is its own self-contained story, although elements of these stories do appear in later arcs. This makes “Dream Country” the perfect arc to adapt for an episode like this one. It can satisfy fans as they wait for further news while also being easy to follow for anyone who hasn’t watched the series or read the comics. After all, the lore of “The Sandman” isn’t exactly the easiest to follow.

The release of this episode also proves that Netflix is committed to exploring “The Sandman” far beyond this one season. The show has been a huge success in both commercial reception and ratings for its detailed story and production values, so it’s no wonder that they are looking to continue it. However, this move could also symbolize the streamer’s intention to make it a marquee title like “Stranger Things.” If this is the case, then we can expect a lot more regarding “The Sandman” in the future.

All eleven episodes of “The Sandman” are now streaming on Netflix.

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