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The Best Cosmic Horror Movies That Will Make You Hate The Unknown


What ancient being of unimaginable power isn’t complete without their own accompanying cult? And with cults, of course, come cultists, humans who have sacrificed their own humanity and conscience for dedication to a monstrous and singular cause. When five friends go on a hiking tour through Sweden to commemorate their dead pal Rob, they find that there’s more to the Nordic country than just pleasant mountain scenery and meatballs, lingonberries, and Brännvin. The intrepid ramblers, forced to deviate from their normal route as a result of an injury of one of their group members, soon inadvertently find themselves at the mercy of a cult. 

This sect worship, and summon, a monstrous jötunn that lives in the woods, a towering quadrupedal creature that offers immortality to its loyal followers. The protagonist, Luke, already wracked with guilt over his part in Rob’s death, only narrowly survives to see another day. He’ll likely never take a shortcut, or dare set foot in a branch of Ikea, ever again. It’s an added nightmare when you can’t even trust your fellow humans.

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