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The 14 Best The Wire Episodes, Ranked


In terms of devastating storylines, few subplots in “The Wire” are as emotional as the story of the homeless man Bubbles (Andre Royo). Bubbles struggles to kick his heroin addiction, but is never offered the resources that he needs to become sober. In the episode “That’s Got His Own,” Bubbles suffers an unimaginable loss. His young friend, Sherrod (Rashad Orange), dies after taking vials from Bubbles’ stash. Bubbles is forced to live with the guilt of Sherrod’s death for the rest of the series’ run. Royo’s emotional breakdown after the tragic death is one of the greatest acting moments in the show’s history.

“That’s Got His Own” also continues the compelling character arc of Roland Pryzbylewski (Jim True-Frost), also known as “Prez.” Prez had been a cop, but retired from the force after accidentally killing a fellow officer during a shootout. In Season 4, Prez takes a new job as a teacher. It’s clear that he wants to help the young boys that are struggling, and goes above and beyond to reach out to them. There’s a touching moment in “That’s Got His Own” where Prez visits the home of his student Randy Wagstaff (Maestro Harrell) to give him his schoolwork.

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