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Domino’s ‘Stranger Things’ app reveals the mind-flaying stakes of the attention arms race


Fragmented pop culture and a spinning news cycle has forced brands into bigger gimmicks, stunts, and beyond.

Back in late 2020, Domino’s senior VP of brand and product innovation Kate Trumbull got a call from Netflix, asking if the pizza giant would be interested in a brand partnership around the fourth season of the hit show Stranger Things. For Trumbull, it was a no-brainer. She saw the symmetry between Domino’s ’80s popularity and the show’s setting, as well as a way to link the show’s supernatural vibe to her company’s tech and innovation. She’d also seen the hype around some the branded work tied to the show’s third season, like Nike’s Hawkins capsule collection, and Burger King’s Stranger Things meal.

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