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Better Call Saul Season 6 Begins With The Shocking One-Two-Punch Of ‘Wine And Roses’ And ‘Carrot And Stick’


Level Of Worry: EXTREME.

Every recap for “Better Call Saul” season 6 will feature a segment I like to call “Kim Watch! How Worried Should We Be About Kim Wexler This Week?” 

As played by Rhea Seehorn, Kim is one of the most fascinating characters on TV right now, and Seehorn’s performance remains nothing less than incredible. I had never heard of Seehorn before “Saul,” but the unique way she plays Kim, particularly the way she has her character listen to everyone around her, quickly won me over. And I’m not alone: it seems like most “Saul” fans love Kim, and we’re all very worried about what the hell might happen to her before the show ends. 

So how worried should be about Kim this week? Extremely worried, as noted above. But not because it’s looking more and more likely that Kim is going to end up dead. No, the worry comes from the fact that Kim has clearly gone completely over to the dark side. Since the series began, the concern was that Jimmy would drag Kim down to his level. Now, interestingly enough, it’s starting to look like Kim will be the one who finally pushes Jimmy completely over the edge into full-blown Saul Goodman territory.

Last season concluded with Kim suggesting she and Jimmy join forces to get Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian), their former boss. Jimmy looked perturbed by Kim’s suggestion but tentatively went along with the idea. In the double season premiere, we see that Jimmy is still worried. In fact, Jimmy seems ready to completely forget the idea and move on. But Kim is all-in. And so the plan is formed to slowly erode Howard’s reputation. Things kick off with Jimmy infiltrating Howard’s country club and planting cocaine in his locker. The planted cocaine is spotted by fellow lawyer Clifford Main (Ed Begley Jr.), with Howard trying to play the whole thing off as some sort of prank. Does Cliff buy that, or does he think Howard is a secret drug addict?

After this, Jimmy and Kim’s plan is just getting started. They recruit the Kettlemans, the crooks from season 1 who embezzled $1.6 million from the county. The Kettlemans are now working as accountants out of a run-down trailer in the middle of nowhere. Despite their arrest in season 1, the couple hasn’t learned a lesson, because they’re currently scamming their clients. Jimmy, in Saul Goodman mode, shows up and convinces the Kettlemans they might be able to get their conviction thrown out by claiming their lawyer, Howard Hamlin, had a drug problem. The Kettlemans go right to Cliff Main, hoping he’ll represent them. He declines, but once again the seed has been planted in Cliff’s mind that Howard is a drug addict.

As for the Kettlemans, they quickly figure out that Jimmy was just using them to get to Howard. They threaten to report this, and that’s where Kim comes in. Kim suggests she’ll turn the Kettlemans in for their current tax fraud unless they forget all about the scheme involving Howard. The Kettlemans reluctantly agree. It’s a disturbing moment, because in theory, we should dislike the Kettlemans (and we do, for the most part). They’re both terrible people ripping hapless folks off. But Kim is so cold and calculating here that we almost feel sorry for them. Jimmy, in fact, does feel sorry and gives the couple some money for their trouble. The implication is clear: Jimmy is still a soft touch, but Kim has fully embraced the dark side. Be afraid. Be very afraid. 

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