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Roar Was A Chance To Finally Get Closure Following GLOW’s Cancelation


“Roar” was created by Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, the duo who also created the “GLOW” series for Netflix. It makes sense that they’d want to call on some of their trusted favorites for their new project, and by doing so offered the “GLOW” family a chance to make peace together regarding the end of the show. 

“It was especially hard because it all happened during COVID, when everybody was quarantining away from one another,” Brie said. She noted that due to the physicality required of the dramatized series based on the “Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling” from the 1980s, the cast was extremely tight-knight. “To go through the show’s cancelation apart, and extremely apart, just felt really strange,” she said. “It’s part of what made working on [‘Roar’] so great, because I got that closure that I couldn’t really get when we first learned of ‘GLOW’s’ cancelation.”

By being on set for “Roar,” Brie was able to reunite with Flahive, Mensch, and co-star Chris Lowell (“Promising Young Woman,” “How I Met Your Father”), as well as a variety of the crew members. “GLOW” co-star Betty Gilpin also appears in an episode of “Roar,” giving audiences the chance to see Debbie “Liberty Belle” Eagan and Ruth “Zoya the Destroya” Wilder on the same show one last time. “There was a lot of joy and excitement just to be reunited with my buds and my family from GLOW,” said Brie. “It did give me some catharsis there.”

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