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Atlanta Season 3 Episode 5 Looks For A Missing Phone With ‘Cancer Attack’


Before the show, Al has a special meet and greet with a child who has cancer. As a parting gift, he gives the kid a bottle of some sort of alcohol or liquor that I could probably identify if I was more of a drinker and less of a stoner. It’s amusing, and there’s something inherently funny about a young sick white child’s dying wish being a meet and greet with an adult rapper who raps about adult things. I probably would have wanted to meet Jonathan Taylor Thomas for a tea party if I was on my deathbed at that age, but to each his own.

Earn takes it upon himself to accost the kid, who is being whisked away from the venue on a stretcher after having a “cancer attack.” Obviously, a Black guy accusing a dying white child of theft, going so far as to physically check his Beanie and blankets for the missing cellular device, is a surefire PR nightmare. After being booed by the boy’s parents, emergency medical personnel, and bystanders, Earn backs off and returns to Al and the gang to continue the search.

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