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Paul Verhoeven Reflects On The Most Shocking Scene In Basic Instinct


And, you know, there’s also the scene where you can see Stone’s vagina, which has had a longer life than the rest of “Basic Instinct.” The scene was also, according to Stone’s memoir, shot without her express consent, although she did allow it to stay in the movie. The scene where Stone uncrosses her legs has been parodied widely, from “The Simpsons,” to “SNL” to “WWE,” it still lingers in the pop culture hive mind. Despite its lasting power, Verhoeven was surprised it made the cut then and definitely doesn’t think it would make the cut now, saying in his interview with The Times, “We had no idea that shot, showing a little bit of vagina — not more than a stripe — would be a problem.”

In fact, Verhoeven takes it a step further, saying, “Sexuality has been moved out of movies … In the 1970s you could talk about it. But you arrive now, decades later, and those movies are not possible any more. It would be very difficult to make a film like ‘Showgirls’ or ‘Basic Instinct’ now.”

Maybe that’s true. Erotic thrillers might not hit like they used to in the peak of the “what if we did a movie about sex but it was also dark” days, but it’s hard to unequivocally say that those themes aren’t allowed anymore. It might not be a movie, but has Verhoeven had any time to catch up on “Euphoria”? He might just be surprised to see sex, the good, the bad, and the ugly, isn’t completely dead.

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