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The 15 Best Erotic Thrillers Ranked


Michael Douglas turns up on this list twice because he’s the undisputed king of erotic thrillers, capping his unofficial trilogy with 1994’s “Disclosure.” The reality is that Douglas brought a smarmy charm to many of his characters in the ’80s and ’90s, which is especially vital in this cautionary tale. Douglas is only as good as his co-stars, though, and no one exemplifies the sexy/threatening dichotomy as well as Glenn Close, whose performance as Alex Forrest is one for the ages. The film is the definitive erotic thriller because it checks all of the boxes: adultery, great chemistry between the leads, sexy sex, gorgeous ’80s hair, a cute kid, animal murder (the bunny in the pot!), and a wildly violent ending.

“Fatal Attraction” does one thing better than the rest: Where other films glibly focus on the sexy shenanigans and demonize women, “Fatal Attraction” accepts that Dan is a cad who cheats on his wife Beth (Anne Archer) for no good reason, while simultaneously giving her a fair amount of screen time. It’s refreshing for a film that ends by reconfirming the traditional heteronormative family to actually, you know, include the family in the plot.

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