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How to Have Your Happiest Day (and Happiest Skin) with Gabby Bernstein


My Morning Routine

Gabby Bernstein | author, spiritual leader, and international speaker

Whether her day involves appearing on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, doing a TEDx Talk, talking with us on The goop Podcast, or simply writing (her ninth book, Happy Days, is out today, and it’s amazing), Gabby Bernstein prepares with morning rituals: meditation, journaling, a major sweat, calming skin care, and more.

“We can liberate ourselves from the belief systems that keep us small,” says Bernstein, whose new book focuses on navigating through trauma—with techniques including awareness, bodywork, reparenting, and more—to find freedom and inner peace. “By caring about how you feel and directing your focus toward positive visualizations, your ability to receive grows as do the good-feeling thoughts,” she says. If Bernstein’s luminous skin is any indication of the power of a nurturing routine for both body and mind, consider us team good-feeling thoughts.

6 a.m.: I wake up and start my day with meditation. Then I practice the Daily Design Method (I wrote about it in my book Super Attractor). Make it a morning habit and you’ll notice that things begin to work out exactly as you plan—or that something even better happens. Here are questions that guide me through the method as I journal:

How do I want to feel today?
Who do I want to be today?
What do I want to give today?
What do I want to receive today?

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I follow this up with a bath to help me ease into the day. After my bath, I love dry brushing and lathering up in almond oil.

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7 a.m.: During the week, I don’t wear makeup unless I’m shooting something for work or out at a meeting. I used to use tons of products, but after having my son, I developed rosacea (which sucks). So now I have to be super gentle with my skin. I use a creamy face wash, then a soothing face cream and Dr. Barbara Sturm’s calming serum. At night, I use GOOPGENES face oil.

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7:30 a.m.: I eat breakfast with my husband and my toddler, Oliver. I typically have scrambled eggs and coffee (I add Dose & Co.’s collagen powder and Nutpods creamer).

8:20 a.m.: I walk over to my office (in the carriage house next to my home). I do my best work and writing in the morning, so I get straight to work. I save some of my self-care practices for the afternoons, when I like to work out, followed by an infrared sauna. (I’m majorly into daily saunas and have one at home, as well as a HigherDOSE blanket.) I try to sweat five days a week.

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