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5 Brilliant Betty White Performances And Where You Can Watch Them


Yeah, yeah, it’s a cheap pop to bring up “The Golden Girls,” but it’s safe to assume that more people are watching reruns of the show that revitalized Betty White’s career more than anything else today. The show was and continues to be a timeless look at the lives of women after retirement, filled with hilarity, glamour, and lots and lots of cheesecake. Betty White’s performance as Rose Nylund proved just how effortlessly funny she could be, where even her reaction shots provided as much power as a punch line. If it weren’t for The Golden Girls, many of us may not have been blessed with the brilliance of Betty White, and it’s only right that we thank her for being a friend by coming back to where we first met.

Hulu has every season of “The Golden Girls” ready for streaming, and is currently advertising it on the home page.

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