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Hulu’s Puppies Crash Christmas Is The Only Good Left In The World


I must resist the urge to rip down my neighbor’s beautiful light display in a jealous rage every day, but thanks to “Puppies Crash Christmas,” I am able to witness what “The Purge” would look like if set up for dogs in festive sweaters. These puppies are behaving in ways that would be seen as nightmarish if they were in our own living rooms, but watching these adorable little monsters tear apart a Better Homes and Gardens-esque display offers pure Christmas catharsis. At one point, a Scottie dog is trying their hardest to pull down the tablecloth but is fighting against the weight of a painstakingly prepared Christmas dinner. I can’t help but turn into every Midwest dad watching a football game and cheer so hard I launch off the couch when they finally pull it down.

And don’t worry, if you need extra puppy Christmas destruction, Hulu also has “A White Elephant Puppy Party” featuring adorable canines in their holiday best, royally ruining any and every gift they find. OH, AND SOME OF THEM WEAR PANTS! I’m sorry for not putting a spoiler warning for that reveal, but I fully broke down in tears in front of a bar full of people in 2019 when that image appeared on my screen for the first time. I’m doing you a favor by allowing you to prepare accordingly. And for you cat lovers out there, Hulu also has “A Very Kitty Cocktail Party” which is equally as adorable but far less destructive. So when you’re tired of 24 hours of “A Christmas Story,” head on over to Hulu and give yourself the gift of puppies heckin’ s*** up.

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